Bethel Worldwide Apostolic Church
435 Ferry Road Childersburg Alabama 35044
Phone:  256-378-0900

Apostle H. D. Traylor,PhD., Pastor
Overseer Dr. C. D. Traylor,Assistant Pastor
Overseer Traylor and I are delighted that you have chosen to visit our Web! We
welcome you, and pray that God gives you a testimony as you become familiar with the anointing and word delivered from this Church.  You must realize how vital it is to be taught the Word of God in a manner that is practical and inspiring. By this method, you not only gain understanding, but you also gain insight for your daily life.  Getting good preaching and teaching is as important as breathing, because just as without breath your body would die, without the word your spirit would die. Overseer Traylor and I are committed to ensuring that you have the opportunity to get and keep your soul renewed. We want the word of God to dwell in you richly with such a preponderance that it flavor everything you do and say.

"A powerful Church is a Praying Church and a Praying Church is a Powerful Church thank God that's what we are.
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